Friday, 15 May 2015

Yohji Yamamoto - PFW AW15

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A dark, sci-fi show was revealed for Yohji Yamamoto's AW15 collection at PFW. According to this line up, cloaks will be a huge trend for AW 15 and I am not complaining in the slightest. The effortless vibe of a cloak just oozes with chic whilst keeping warm (and who knows what you're wearing underneath? Dressed up? Great. PJ's? Naked? Who knows? Sounds good to me!) The grecian style cloaks have exaggerated drapes from every direction and have a hint of Japanese in them with the extended sleeves, imitating that of the traditional kimono. The collection transforms midway in the show to a parachute style silhouette, with a structured scaffolding to keep the material in shape - almost resembling tents, or with one in particular, an umbrella! The avant garde structures are suspended from corsets or harness straps. 

Other than the use of frankly ugly metallic materials for the structures, the Yamamoto collection features some absolutely stunning knitwear pieces and velvet is beautifully hanged over the natural curves of the body. This collection is a mixture of old, traditional silhouettes and new, avant garde silhouettes combined with a dark, mostly black, colour palette which fuses these unique and varying silhouettes into the great collection that it is. My favourite ensemble was the loose fitting velvet suit with a white shirt beneath it and the navy wrapping, draping, knitted cloak/dress. 

Eerie and mysterious. Bravo Yamamoto. 


  1. This collection is so dark, has a Tim Burton feel to it