Friday, 3 April 2015

Youjia Jin - LFW

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After graduating from London College of Fashion with a menswear qualification, you can see why Jin's womenswear collection has a very masculine feel. Jin based her collection around Alice in Wonderland, but not the cutesy fairytale that is more widely recognised, instead being more inspired by the traditional tale which was a lot darker. Jin wanted to present a "fearless and strong-willed Alice"  rather than the shy and girly Alice that the world knows and loves. According to a source, Jin put a "warped twist on the classic tale, the show centred on the concept of a contemporary female protagonist leading the way in her own modern fairytale." 

Tailored blazers and loose fitting pinstripe trousers and boyfriend shorts gave a feeling of androgyny whilst the innovative pleats, the sheer underlays, the organza and the oversized satin bows, reminding me of Alice's infamous blue hair bow injected some softened romance into the equation. It was the perfect mix. The use of various grey shades brought back the reality of the darkened tale whilst allowing the audience to really absorb the beautifully structured, hand crafted garments whilst the blues brought back the famous persona that Jin was initially inspired by. 

Definitely one to watch! 

Gee x