Sunday, 15 March 2015

LFW Day 1 - Soft Tailoring.

(my fabulous mother) 

shoes - Dr Martens, jeans - H&M (D.I.Y. rips), top - Zara, blazer - Reiss, jacket - Mango, stole - Betty Jackson, hat - Primark, bag - Dr. Martens 

Why oh why oh why has blogger made these pictures so grainy when they look perfectly fine on iPhoto eugh. 

Anyway, thought I'd share with you all my first look for LFW this season. I arrived pretty late, at around 4 so by the time we'd got back to our hotel and got checked in we hardly had time to do anything at Somerset House, especially since we booked to see 'Made In Dagenham' at the theatre too! So annoyingly, the first day of LFW for me was pretty un-fashion related but thought I'd show my outfit anyway. Made In Dagenham was great and I had my first experience at Leon - the natural fast food shop which was great. My burger was delicious. 

I stayed in the Grosvenor House Hotel and honestly, it was more like a house than a room. The suite was absolutely incredible. It was so palatial! I'd recommend it to ANYONE. 

Gee x


  1. I'm in love with that bag you're carrying around here! Lovely! :) x Frederique -

    1. Thank you ! My all time favourite bag. Thanks for reading x