Sunday, 22 February 2015

Adeam - NYFW

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Hanako Maeda's main inspiration for his collection was the Japanese contemporary artist Kohei Nawa's "PixCell" series in which he covers real taxidermy with glass beads. He stated that "It's a combination of organic materials with more synthetic man-made materials." 

The fur and mohair being used in combination with neoprene, satin and nylon clearly links with the idea of the "PixCell" by combining man made fabrics and natural materials. According to a source, Maeda developed her own cashmere and sable blend yarn called "sable-ridge" for this collection. This collection looks cozy and warm as well as elegant and glamourous whist feeling "a little more grown up."

My favourite parts of the collection: grey wool armour, overly large scarves and the fur and satin coat. 

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