Tuesday, 9 September 2014

NYFW: 6th September

My favourites from Saturday...

Dion Lee

Lee changes up his usual body-con dresses and trades them in for sleek white on white ensembles, exaggerated cobalt silhouettes and laid-back looking, slouchy black jumpsuits. 

As always, the all white looks are my favourite and I can't wait to kill them this coming Spring/Summer (even though in England, we're just leaving Summer behind). Also, looking at Lee's collection, it's clear that wrap details are IN. 

Alexander Wang

Wang proves he is the KING of sport luxe, yet again. The words "sneakers" basically describes his whole collection. It is no secret that Wang is a big sneaker fan, you could probably say obsessed... and he created a collection based on his love for them by designing a sexy, sports inspired runway show. 

Wang stated that he "took what was most recognisable about a sneaker - the codes and the colouring and the patterning as the format for these different gangs of girls. Because with sneakers a lot of it is about identification". 

The pleats and kick-ass bralets are my favourite from the collection as they ooze sex appeal whilst keeping with the sports-esque look. AND who can forget about that sleek, clean white leather jacket?! 

Parsons' MFA

I wanted to finish this post on this runway show because all the pieces are from graduates of Parsons' Master of Fine Arts programme and I think this runway show is one of my favourites so far. Obviously, the various collections are from an array of designers, all from Parsons but they're all great! There are 11 designer's work within this runway show - Jaipei L, Ammar Belal, Jessica Walsh, Amelie Bahlsen, Natallia Pilipenka, Xiaotian Zhang, Bei Kuo, Lako Bukia, Matthew Dolan, Pauline Cho and Alana Oakes and I think it's the most important runway show that has occurred so far due to the sheer impact this show will have on these various designer's lives as they begin to push their limits and enter the fashion industry at the deep end. 

My favourites are shown below (I'm not aware of which designer has designed which collection unfortunately but if I find out, I will update this post). 

I simply love the idea of intertwining and weaving of what looks like neoprene and the experimentation with fonts and quotes but what really struck me about this collection was the emphasis on the silhouette. 

Secondly, I loved the collections which mainly included the greys, whites and blacks. One collection reminded me of the white froth created when a wave breaks. The mesh creates a new dimension. Especially loving the oversized, long knit with the huge turtle neck. 

One collection was centred around metallics whilst another focused on colourful abstract prints with translucent dresses layered over in order to make a misty effect. 

With 11 different designers, there was sure to be a lot of differences but the aesthetics in this runway collection was all so different that it's quite amazing to see them all being walked down the same runway show. 

(all photos from Vogue.co.uk)

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