Monday, 15 September 2014

NYFW: 10th September


Josep Font, Spanish designer and creative director of Delpozo, revealed a sharp and clean collection on Wednesday full of over sized, exaggerated structural shapes which emphasise proportions. The show presents a collection full of feminine pieces but at the beginning of the show, shirts under tailored jackets and mid-calf length skirts put a feminine twist on an otherwise relatively masculine silhouette. 

The silhouettes and shapes of the garments look to have been inspired and developed around the idea of flowers and their structures, as with Dior couture and their famous florally structured inspired collection. Although, the structure is abstract, it is still clearly the shape of bulbs, stems, blooming flowers etc. 

It has got to be said that he used a large variety of colours such as blue hues, white, wine red, dark green, yellow, coral and way more as well as a mixture of materials (crackled vinyl on chiffon appeared on the runway along side sheer mesh and tulle). In fact, some of these fabrics are technologically changed to look like a certain fabric with out actually being that fabric in order to give Font the aesthetic without the difficulty of the properties so that he can construct the garments perfectly and precisely to how he wants them. 


The collection predominantly featured sharp and minimal silhouettes, with a matching neutral colour palette at the beginning of the runway show, presented on short dresses, co ords and lengthy seperates. Later on in the show, Oskar Metsavaht transformed it into a summery collection by using bright tropical leaf patterns and bright colours such as cobalt blue onto silky jumpsuits and pencil skirts. 

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