Monday, 29 September 2014

MFW: 18th September

I felt as if MFW didn't kick off to the best start... yes sure there was some good collections but none that particularly caught my eye or gave the world of fashion something a little different so I decided to fast forward until the 18th and give my opinion on the Moschino show. Not that I would personally ever wear any of the garments that the barbie-esque models strutted down the runway, nor do I particularly like them... in fact, I think they're a little tacky BUT no one can disagree that they put on a good show. It was playful and fun, and who didn't like Barbies as a child (or... action men I guess?) 

The first look was a pink Moschino over sized zip-front leather skirt with its own lapels and matching cropped jacket with zips with the midriff showing, paired with the classic barbie court shoe and little shoulder bag. The F-Row got a limited edition Barbie doll dressed in exactly that outfit. I'm not even going to pretend that I don't want to get my hand on that Barbie. Although, I might actually have preferred the Moschino iphone cover that is a copy of the infamous Barbie mirror. It's so cool and perfect for a Selfie Queen, such as myself.  

Some of the pieces were even themed on the classic barbie themes such as cowgirl with the sequinned denim trouser and pink cowboy book combo or the barbie tracksuit, all of which had a Moschino twist, of course. I would however wear the printed Moschino branded underwear! All these pieces were accompanied by some rather amusing, OTT accessories such as inflatable and big boom box bags.

Although the collection was all fun and games, I can't help but think that the collection had some kind of deeper meaning (or am I being a bit too optimistic?) Like the MacDonald's collection from the previous season which I assumed was inspired by society's NEED to consume and the global issues to do with obesity, I was hoping that the idea that fuelled this collection was the ethical problems with regard to "skinny shaming", size 0 and the new craze for criticising anyone skinny (yes, this is a mini rant and I AM biased but nonetheless, it should stop), even if it natural. I'll stop before I offend anyone... it just gets on my nerves haha!... Or maybe Scott just wanted to go back to any 5 year old girl (or boys) dream of playing with Barbie's one last time, who knows?

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  1. I love it all! I really like the bikini printed co-ords, and their hair was amazing! x

    1. So cool aren't they? They're probably the only things I'd actually wear and they're super! Love the hair too! X

  2. Very interesting!