Friday, 5 April 2013

The 'Red Swirling Trouser' tale


Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a village near a forest. Whenever she went out, the little girl wore red trousers, so everybody in the village called her 'Red Swirling Trousers' ...
You get my point. I've had these trousers for quite a while now, and they featured in a post a while back of a haul but I had never actually worn them. I bought them in awe of and never had the confidence to wear them, but today I did! And I'm so happy I did. I got a few compliments on them, so I was very happy and when one girl asked me where they were from I proudly said 'from a charity shop' and she was so shocked!! I've made it my mission to compliment at least one stranger every time I leave the house from now on! It's such a pick me up and I think it would make me feel a lot more positive. Good karma come and get me! I do love the colour of these trousers, they are a little bit darker in person that in the pictures but non the less, they are bright and a reasonably statement piece so I paired them up with my H&M black turtle neck, my black belt from Sue Ryder and my Office shoes! 'All black everything' (except the trousers). The other reason I really love these trousers are they are a bit of an illusion. Even I forgot they were trousers until I started moving! They look very skirt-like when sitting or standing still but when they brush in the wind, the trouser form really comes out and it's quite refreshing! 

I also wore my Kookai leather jacket to keep me warm in this chilly weather (even though Leeds is warming up!)

My hair is always skew-whiff and floaty and I honestly couldn't be bothered with it but I thought, a bad hair day would honestly ruin this lovely outfit so I put it in a low, messy bun inspired by the following:

image: google images

I absolutely love these messy buns and I think it's a very refreshing change from the usual sleek hair. Although it's very classic and 'done'. The messy bun gives a chance for us girls with unruly hair to have the catwalk hair we've always dreamed of! 

G xxx

ps. 2 sleeps away from #northmeetup - excited!

Who's going? Comment below! 


  1. Lovely pants. Styled amazing. You have a nice blog in general. Will keep an eye on it and hope to keep in touch!

    xoxo Gozika