Thursday, 4 April 2013

'Don't let fashion go to waste'

So, who's excited?? Today's the day that H&M conscious arrives in some stores! I hope it comes to the H&M in Leeds, I'm going into Leeds today so I might be able to grab some bits and bobs! Somehow, unfortunately  a few of my favourite pieces are already sold out (boo hoo!) but this kinda shows what an amazing range it is! I think it's a really interesting and responsible idea for H&M to come up with and I think as people realise more about the limited resources of the world, more people are respecting them so I think H&M's new collection, using organic cotton, tencel and recycled polyester, will go down a treat with the public! Having said that, I thought I'd show you a few of my favourite pieces and show you what all the fuss is about!

These 2 pieces are my favourite. 
The long embroidered dress (on the left) is the right amount of romantic and sophisticated and the detailing is just gorgeous. I'm also a huge fan of high necks (due to the lack of boob) and the short hem in comparison to the longer train looks gorgeous even though I'm not a fan of 'short-long' dresses. Unfortunately, it's slightly out of my price range, being a sixth former who doesn't have a job, at £159.99... it's sold out anyway (congratulations to the people who snapped it up before anyone else had the chance, I'm extremely jealous!)
The short red dress (right) is just my thing. Quirky red 3D flowers and a structured bodice - not much more to say than, I'm in love! At £69.99, it's slightly more affordable than the other dress, so let's hope my mum is feeling generous! 

The look to the right is more masculine than the 2 dresses above, but non-the-less, beautiful. In the words of Rachel Zoe, 'I die'. The wide, satin-look trousers are absolutely gorgeous, especially in this picture pairing it with a white kimono. Danielle from '' wore a pair of yellow wide legged trousers and as usual, looked fabulous so since then I've been on the look out for the perfect pair... let's hope these are the ones! At £29.99 they are very reasonable for the sophisticated look they give off! (Kimono is £59.99)
Also, l-o-v-e the fringing on the men's jacket... I wish it was women's!! ps. Isn't he gorgeous!? 

This is my ideal fairy tale dress, when I was 7 this is pretty much THE dress I imagined myself in when I was being rescued by my prince charming! The structured top looks so amazing contrasting with the messy tutu bottom. The colour is a pastel colour and as you've seen from the past posts, I love me some pastels. Unfortunately this one is also sold out and at a similar price to the first one, it looks like even if it comes back into stock, my fairy tale ending will never come true! One can hope! 

How cute is the embroidery on this cute baby pink dress?!The matching purse is such a bonus! I'm in love with the pleating at the front and if baby pink doesn't suit you (like it, unfortunately, doesn't suit me), there are plenty more playful little prom-style dresses to choose from! Take a look for yourself: 

On to the more 'affordable' stuff... The prices of these items range but I think the most expensive thing is £29.99 which makes me (and my bank card) very happy! I really love the mirrored tee on the right and at £7.99, it will definitely be one of my purchases! (If it's not already sold out!!!)

(photos from various sources - google images)

all from H&M 

This 'conscious' collection is proving very popular so don't waste anytime and hit your closest H&M to see if they're stocking it! 

G xxx

ps. Check out how the beautiful Olivia from styled her two H&M conscious pieces here:

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